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Our Resource Centre Is Currently Closed.

If you need a document printed or photocopied, please give us a call and we will arrange curbside pick up!

Fully-Equipped Resource Centre

Use Our Facilities For Your Job Search

  • Need a computer to create your resume and cover letter or explore the job market?

  • Looking to connect with an employment coach to discuss free training options or a second career?
  • Want expert advice on how to reduce debt or better manage your finances?

Come to the Employment + Education Centre for assistance!

From computers to photocopying facilities, a job board and money management tools, we have a fully-equipped Resource Centre at your disposal. Hundreds of individuals in the Leeds and Grenville area rely on our facilities and services to maximize their opportunities and potential. Schedule a meeting with an experienced job coach to discuss your career or get expert advice on how to reduce debt while you are here. Our friendly and professional staff is always happy and willing to assist you.

What’s Available in Our Resource Centre?

Training options: Considering going back to school for career-specific training? We have put together a list of local training providers for you to explore. Should you need more information or assistance navigating the training process, our employment coaches are here to help.

Computer facilities: We have 10 computers to help you with your job search efforts.

  • All have Internet access
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2013
  • Resume examples, templates, tips and more

Equipment and resources: Photocopying, faxing, printing, scanning—you can meet all your needs at our resource centre. We also have a telephone, local newspapers and other community resources you can use.

Employment + Education Centre: Helping You Maximize Your Potential

Since 1985, the Employment + Education Centre has been helping individuals in Leeds and Grenville area find jobs and build a rewarding career. In addition to a Resource Centre with job-related information and tools, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help you find work, get training or start a new career. Set up a meeting to discuss your job and career options. We have many government-funded programs to help.

Here is what one of the candidates who used EEC’s facilities said. "The Resource Centre has been invaluable in my search for a new job. Without access to an adequate computer with Internet services, the task of searching for work would be virtually impossible. This resource has, unquestionably, saved me a tremendous amount of time and effort, which has allowed me to more effectively apply my time to finding suitable employment." Let us help you find a job that meets your interests and skills.

To schedule a meeting with an experienced employment coach or learn more about our Resource Centre, call 613-498-2111, or 1-800-926-0777 (toll free).