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A program designed for people interested in the hospitality sector!

Are you dreaming of kicking your new year off with an exciting opportunity? Here is your chance to explore career options in hospitality, and gain valuable experience! We will be running two sessions of our Hospitality program starting January 18th, and again on February 15th.

Career decision making through hands-on learning.

Not sure if this career field is for you? The field of hospitality involves more than you think! Our community has offered opportunities to work in food services, transportation, accommodations, recreation, and other tourism services!

This 3 week Hospitality program offers one on one program preparation before its start date to work through career decision making, completing a resume, practicing interview skills, and anything else you need to dive into the group portion of the program.

During the 3 weeks in program, you will access a blended learning experience including virtual and in person (COVID safety protocols in place). 

Assessments and Certifications include:

  • An individualized ALiGN personality portrait for career exploration
  • emerit Workplace Essentials (WOE)
  • Smart Serve
  • Food Safety
  • Service Excellence

Offers a valuable employment experience for your resume!

Learn on location and experience various work environments during the program and finish with a 2 week employment opportunity to put your new skills and knowledge to the test!

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