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Customer Service Charter | Employment + Education Centre

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Customer Service Charter

The Employment + Education Centre’s Customer Service Charter has been developed to recognize and promote the dignity and worth of all people who use our services. The intent of this document is to cultivate and promote a safe and respectful organizational culture. It is expected that everyone working at EEC will respect and uphold this Charter to the extent permitted by law and Government requirements.


Standards You Can Expect:

When you access services at the EEC office you have the following rights:


1. Right to be respected

Clients have the right to be treated with dignity and respect in all aspects of their service at any of EEC locationsClients have the right to be treated in a courteous and non-judgmental manner, and to have requests for changes in services or supports addressed in a fair and timely manner.


2.   Right to be free from discrimination on any rounds

Clients have the right to equal treatment with respect to the services and supports at EEC without discrimination based on race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or mental or physical disability.


3.  Right to individuality, dignity, and freedom of choice

Clients have the right to participate in decisions related to their service, including the right to be involved in the creation of their action plan; the right to change their mind regarding the type of service or support that they desire, and the right to withdraw from service. All services offered at EEC are voluntary.


4.   Right to privacy and the expectation that the information you share will remain confidential

Clients have the right to have their privacy respected and to expect that their personal information, including records, will be treated in with confidentiality as further described in EEC’s privacy policy.


5.   Right to speak and be heard

Clients have the right to speak and to have their opinions considered at EEC. Clients have the right to a complaints procedure that is user-friendly.  Clients also have the right to have another person speak on their behalf, if they so choose. Clients have a right to their own opinions and to express those opinions.


6.   Right to be free from violence

Clients have the right to be free from violence at EEC. Violence includes sexual harassment, sexual, physical, or verbal assault, and hate speech. EEC will use all reasonable efforts to protect clients from harm.


7.   Right to equitable opportunity

Clients have the right to be treated in a fair and just manner. This includes the right to have individual differences accommodated in services and supports when such accommodation does not cause undue hardship.


8.   Right to be involved and included

Clients have the right to be involved and included as part of the EEC community by being actively encouraged to give feedback, and by participating in events which are open to clients.


9.   Right to be informed

Clients have a right to be informed of their rights and changes that affect them, including changes in programs or policies, and staff changes. Clients have the right to have fair access to EEC programs.


10. Right to quality, prompt services

Clients have the right to expect that they will receive high quality service at EEC and that they will receive those services promptly.


Measures of Accessibility and Responsiveness

  1. Anyone entering into a reception area or employment resource area will be greeted within two (2) minutes of arrival.
  2. Clients requesting an appointment with an employment coach, will receive an appointment within five (5) working days.
  3. All phone calls will be answered within three (3) rings during normal office hours.
  4. Messages left in the agencys general voicemail box during office hours will receive a response within two (2) hours during regular business days.
  5. Messages left in the agencys general voicemail box outside of office hours will receive a response by the end of the following business day.
  6. Messages received through staffs’ email account will be checked daily and responses sent within two (2) business days of receipt of email.
  7. Staff will consistently update their voicemail answering service outlining their schedules and any absences.
  8. Staff will respond to voicemail messages within two (2) working days.


Feedback / Comments

In keeping with our goal of providing quality services, any comments, feedback or service improvements (suggestions) are encouraged. There are a number of ways to tell us what you think.

1.           By completing a Comment Form available at reception or in the Resource Centre

2.           By completing the Client Satisfaction Survey upon completion of services.

3.           By contacting the Program Supervisor/Manager in person or in writing.

4.           If the issue is still not resolved, you are encouraged to contact the Executive Director.

EEC will respond to any request to discuss concerns within two (2) working days.  You will be contacted in the manner you request by the person you have requested to speak to, or their alternate in the case the person is unavailable.


Help Us Help You

To assist us in our aim, we respectfully expect that you will:


1.           When leaving a voice message, clearly state full name and current telephone number.

2.           Provide the staff at EEC with accurate and up-to-date information.

3.           Treat the staff at EEC and others in service with dignity, respect, and courtesy.

4.           Understand that staff time and resources are limited and therefore valuable.

5.           You will be on time for appointments and workshops.


Review of Our Charter

To ensure that we continually improve our service to you, we will review our charter once a year.


Sue Watts,

Executive Director